The “High Performance Computing” service offers researchers at Leipzig University and their cooperation partners competent and problem-related advice for the implementation of complex scientific calculations that exceed local computing capacities. As part of the service, users are supported in carrying out complex scientific calculations (e.g. scientific simulations on protein folding, machine learning methods).

Our service for you

The service offers users:

  • Initial consultation and user documentation to assist in the introduction of High Performance Computing.
  • Use of a shared HPC infrastructure
  • User access from the network of Leipzig University
  • Access to scratch memory (for storing input and output values as well as intermediate results)
  • Access to GPUs (max. 8)
  • access to an extensive software environment (including Intel Compiler Suite, MatLab, Gaussian, RosettaNet, Tensor-Flow, Jupyter-Lab)

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Help and instructions for the service can be found on the SC Knowledgebase.


This service is free of charge.


Additional scientific software packages can be post-installed on request.

In consultation with the users, individual HPC training courses can be provided.

Exclusive resources can be reserved for special events.


The service can be used by:

  • researchers with a currently valid personal university login
  • Cooperation partners of the University of Leipzig who are involved in the DFN or eduGAIN funding and who cooperate with the University of Leipzig in a topic-specific context.

The use of the service requires compliance with the following regulations:

  • For all services of the University Computer Centre, the IuK usage regulations of the University Computer Centre of the University of Leipzig apply in principle. Misuse of services of the University Computer Centre may lead to the termination of the usage permit and, if applicable, to criminal proceedings.

IuK user regulations of the URZ

  • Information Security Regulations and Data Protection Regulations of the Department for Data Protection and Information Security of the University of Leipzig

Information Security Regulations
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Principles of information security

Data protection regulations
PDF 378 KB

  • The Data Protection Officer of the University of Leipzig must be consulted when personal data is collected.
    If you have any questions about data protection, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the University of Leipzig.
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In contrast to high and super high performance computing centres, the High Performance Computing (HPC) service does not have a science-led application process. The organisational and technical barriers to entry should be kept as low as possible for users.

The service does not provide

  • 24/7 availability of all resources
  • Backup of data (all data on the HPC systems is assessed as “scratch”)
  • Application support (can currently only be provided on a best-effort basis)

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