Status of Scientific Computing Services

The scientific computing group offers a couple of services. News on their status you can find on this page.

Minor Maintenance on SC clusters on 26.+27. 11. 2019

We neet to update the software on our sc cluster galaxy, sirius and polaris. For this we are planning and preparing a minor maintenance on 26th and 27th November.

Hadoop: Users on the shared hadoop partition will notice short service breaks and running jobs could get interrupted.

Slurm: We are expecting the slurm partition to stay functional with only short interruptions of the availability of slurm commands like squeue or sbatch, but slurm jobs should keep running.

Galaxy101 will get restarted.

State: 2019-11-26: Done

Temporarily fewer Galaxy-YARN-Nodes

We reduced the number of YARN nodes for a couple of days. A student needs a bigger accumulo database for some high load test and thus we converted some nodes from yarn nodes to accumulo tablet server.

State: done. YARN nodes are back online again

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