The URZ offers faculties and institutions of the UL virtualised servers for their own IT services. These can be configured according to requirements in terms of CPU, RAM and hard disk space, etc. Working with virtual machines is almost like having the computer in front of you. However, you do not need to use your own hardware. Most virtual servers realised so far are special web servers that could not be accommodated on the central web server, such as project servers, groupware servers e.g. for Alfresco, institute servers for file service, application provision, learning environments e.g. for special Moodle installations. In addition, there is a whole series of infrastructure servers (authorisation, proxy, etc.) of the URZ, the UB and other institutions, which are now realised as virtual servers.

Our service for you

The service offers users:

  • setting up virtual machines (VM)
  • making virtual hardware resources available
  • A virtual machine with virtualised hardware consists of: a number of COREs, a main memory size, worldwide or only university-network-internal accessibility, server name (DNS), disk space for operating system
  • Standard backup of the VM
  • Access to the self-service portal for virtual servers (vCenter) incl. the functions for switching on/off, access to logs/monitoring etc.
  • The hardware basis of this service is provided in a highly secure, redundant, air-conditioned, professionally operated environment around the clock
  • The software is subject to Gold Support from the manufacturers
  • Highly fail-safe hardware: you no longer have to worry about physical accommodation (air-conditioning, power), maintenance and replacement yourself
  • Initial setup of the operating system with current status
  • The online configurator enables the exact dimensioning of your virtual server


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The service is subject to a charge.

  • Basic configuration with 3 GHz CPU, 2 Core CPU, 2 GByte RAM

    • incl. disk space for operating system and application (up to 100 GByte)

    • incl. Backup of the VM without additional hard disk (possible for an additional charge) 135 Euro p.a.

  • Upgrade main memory per GByte 15 Euro p.a.

  • Upgrade computing power per core 20 Euro p.a.

Other configurations on request. Billing of several years in advance possible.


The service offers users the following ordering options:

  • Installation of a common operating system: current Linux (SLES, Ubuntu) or Windows server operating systems currently patched (licensing and keeping the operating system up to date is the responsibility of the user)
  • additional disk space for application data in TB increments, 100 Euro per TB
  • Additional backup of the application data (in addition to the machine backup, the backup of the file system can be booked)
  • Application for a certificate for the server


The service can be used by:

  • students, lecturers, researchers, staff with a currently valid personal university login
  • Cooperation partners of the University of Leipzig who are part of the DFN or eduGAIN support group.

The service can only be ordered after the following authorisation:

  • Agreement signed by the cost centre manager and countersigned by the URZ.


The use of the service requires compliance with the following regulations:

  • For all services of the University Computer Centre, the IuK usage regulations of the University Computer Centre of the University of Leipzig apply in principle. Misuse of services of the University Computer Centre may lead to the termination of the usage permit and, if applicable, to criminal proceedings.

IuK user regulations of the URZ

  • Information Security Regulations and Data Protection Regulations of the Department for Data Protection and Information Security of the University of Leipzig

Information Security Regulations
PDF 369 KB

Principles of information security

Data protection regulations
PDF 378 KB

  • The Data Protection Officer of the University of Leipzig must be consulted when personal data is collected.
    If you have any questions about data protection, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the University of Leipzig.
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The service offers no:

  • further maintenance
  • Software installation

A virtual machine should only provide one service. Installation of virtualisations or container hosts in the virtual machine is prohibited.

The use of USB devices (e.g. dongles) is not possible.

The concept of virtual servers is unsuitable for computers with very high computer loads such as high performance computing.