In this workshop, you, as a researcher at the University of Leipzig, will learn how archiving and publishing research data in the institutional repository OpARA works.

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Researchers at Leipzig University can use the institutional research data repository OpARA. OpARA is the digital place to archive your research data free of charge for at least 10 years and to publish it if required. This allows you to meet the requirements of good scientific practice and the funding conditions of many third-party funders.

You decide individually on the public accessibility of the datasets. Your data publications will be assigned stable identifiers (DOIs) that make them permanently citable.

Learning Objectives

  •     Gain knowledge about archiving and publishing research data, especially about metadata
  •     Understand how persistent identifiers such as DOI work
  •     Optimize search strategies for published research data
  •     Classify and be able to use research data in the institutional repository OpARA
  •     Learn about the upload and review process of research data in OpARA

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This service is free of charge.


This workshop will teach you the advantages of archiving and publishing research data. We will explain the steps involved in using OpARA. In the practical part, you will have the opportunity to try out uploading and describing research data in OpARA. If available, you are welcome to bring a dataset from your own research activity for this purpose.


The service can be used by:

  •     Researchers at Leipzig University
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