In this guide we explain how to set up your Wi-Fi access under Linux.

Setting up Wi-Fi access under Linux

Please note that the following instructions refer to the setup by means of the CAT configuration programme using the following profiles:

  • Leipzig University: <Uni-Login> (e. g.
  • Leipzig University – intern/fip: <Uni-Login> (e. g.
  • Leipzig University – external users (university library): <library number> (e. g. resp.
  • Leipzig University – Faculty of Medicine: <Login>
  • Python (>=2.7) is required for the installation and the file must be executable (chmod +x)! The CAT configuration programme overwrites an existing eduroam Wi-Fi configuration.

Please download the Python script via the “eduroam” web portal by selecting the profile that suits you and run the file.


You can also download the installer according to the affiliation to the organisation (cf. above listing) via the following links:

Confirm the setup and enter your user name and password.

The connection is automatically established as soon as you are in the vicinity of the eduroam Wi-Fi.

Support request

If you are unable to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi, please use our support request form.

Please note that we cannot answer any enquiries from members of other institutions. Please contact your respective institution for this.

Support request