Operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) must be protected by regularly installing security updates. Members of the University of Leipzig can connect their Windows PC to the update service of the URZ here. The computer centre provides a Microsoft Windows Update, which is a simple way to keep Windows, but also many Microsoft programmes, up to date.

This service will be adapted and will only be available for terminals managed by the URZ from 1 January 2023.

Our service for you

The service offers users:

  • Regular installation of security updates for current Windows operating systems
  • Easy to use via the connector programme "URZ-Windows-Update.exe
  • All discovered security gaps in Microsoft products are closed as quickly as possible and (almost) without user intervention on the PC maintained in this way. Updates and driver updates are included

To restore the original Windows Update settings, please download the following file and run it on the endpoint. After a restart, the Windows updates are then obtained and installed directly from Microsoft.


* By clicking on this button, you confirm that you have taken note of the conditions for using this service.

The service is free of charge.


The service can be used by:

  • Students, lecturers, researchers and staff with a currently valid personal Uni-Login.
  • The end device must be in the university network (LAN, WLAN+VPN).

  • web browser

The use of the service requires compliance with the following regulations:

  • For all services of the University Computer Centre, the IuK usage regulations of the University Computer Centre of the University of Leipzig apply in principle. Misuse of services of the University Computer Centre may lead to the termination of the usage permit and, if applicable, to criminal proceedings.

IuK user regulations of the URZ

  • Information Security Regulations and Data Protection Regulations of the Department for Data Protection and Information Security of the University of Leipzig

Information Security Regulations
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Principles of information security

Data protection regulations
PDF 378 KB

  • The Data Protection Officer of the University of Leipzig must be consulted when personal data is collected.
    If you have any questions about data protection, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the University of Leipzig.
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