Staff members can use a mailbox based on Microsoft Exchange in addition to the standard email box (Horde). The Exchange mailbox offers advantages over the standard mailbox, especially when working in a team. Here, for example, you can manage shared calendars and tasks or connect address books.

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First steps

After your Exchange mailbox has been created by a member of staff at the University Computer Centre, it is first necessary to set up a forwarding from your standard mailbox (Horde) to your Exchange mailbox. Afterwards, you can access emails in your Exchange mailbox directly with the Outlook WebApp.

To ensure that your emails arrive in your Exchange mailbox, the following steps are required:

  1. open your default (Horde) mailbox.
  2. to log in, enter your university login (e.g. ab12cdef) as the user name and the corresponding password.
  3. In the "Webmail" tab, select the item "Absence".

Now enter your e-mail address under "Forward (immediately active) - [inactive]" in the "E-mail" field as follows: UNI-LOGIN(at) (i.e. e.g. ab12cdef(at)

Next, mark the checkbox "activate".

Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Submit" button.

The forwarding to your Exchange mailbox is now set up.

The first and default access to your Exchange mailbox is via the browser-based Outlook WebApp. You can access this via the following link or by typing into your browser bar and pressing Enter.

Go directly to the Outlook WebApp

To access your Exchange account with the Outlook WebApp, enter "dom\UNI-LOGIN" (e.g. "dom\ab12cdef") under Domain\UserName and the password associated with your university login.


Set up access with your email programme

In addition to the Outlook WebApp, you can also access the Exchange mailbox with different e-mail programmes. In the following, we explain how you can use your Exchange mailbox with Microsoft Outlook (Desktop), Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

Setting up access with Microsoft Outlook (Desktop)

Logging in to Microsoft Outlook (Desktop) for the first time

When you start Microsoft Outlook for the first time, you will be asked for an email address. If you have an Exchange account, please enter "UNI-LOGIN(at)" (e.g. ab12cdef(at) as the e-mail address here.

Then wait a moment and click on the account type "Exchange".

At the end, uncheck "Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone as well." if you do not want this setup. Finally, click on "OK" and your Exchange account is added.

Add an email account

Open your Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail programme. On the "Home" page, now select the "Email" tile.

Now enter your full name (surname, first name) and the email address according to the scheme vorname.nachname(at) (e.g. maxi.muster(at)

Now click on "Set up manually" (not on "Next"!).

Now please make the following settings. Please enter your university login (e.g. ab12cdef) in the "Username" field.

  • Note: Please do not use a POP3 protocol!

Now click on "Test again".

If everything is correct, you will now see a green tile, as in the following illustration.

To complete the setup, now click on "Done". Your email.account is now successfully added.

Subscribe to folder

After your Exchange mailbox is integrated into your Thunderbird programme, you must now subscribe to the existing Exchange folders so that they are displayed in Thunderbird.

To do this, right-click on your e-mail address and select "Subscribe".

You can then select the folders you want to be displayed in your Thunderbird e-mail programme. Click on "OK" to complete this step.

Microsoft-Exchange-E-Mail-Postfach für Apple Mail einrichten

Go to Apple System Preferences and select "Internet Accounts".

Wählen Sie anschließend „Microsoft Exchange” aus.

Next, enter the information as follows.

Now click on "Login".

Select which components of your Exchanges mailbox should be synchronised. Then click on "Done".

Further instructions

You also have the option of setting up out-of-office notifications or sending and receiving emails via IMAP with Microsoft Exchange.

To set up an out-of-office note in the Outlook WebApp, please follow the steps below. 1:

  1. open Outlook WebApp
  2. login with "dom\Uni-Login" (e.g. "dom\ab12cdef") and the corresponding password
  3. select the item "Automatic replies" under the cogwheel symbol in the top right-hand corner

Für Verbindung ihres Exchange-Postfaches mit IMAP verwenden Sie folgende Einstellungen:

  • For the inbox
    Server name:
    Port: 143
    Encryption method: STARTTLS Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
  • For outgoing mail
    Server name:
    Port: 587
    Encryption method: STARTTLS

Employees of Leipzig University have the option of increasing the storage space available for their Exchange mailbox.

To do so, simply write an email to the service desk ( or use our form.

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