Here you can find all relevant information about our service "Own cloud storage (storage cloud)".

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First steps

In order to use your own cloud storage, you must first create an account for the "Storage Cloud" application. This is done via the so-called "storage cloud self-service portal". In the following, we explain how to create your account, how to log in and how to synchronise your various end devices with the storage cloud.

To create your account in the storage cloud, first call up what is known as the "storage cloud self-service portal."

To the self-service portal

In the instructions further down on this page you will find helpful explanations of the necessary registration steps.

In this portal you can:

  • create an account at the storage cloud,
  • reset the password for your account,
  • set another mail address,
  • renew your account after it expires (one year).


For all users of the storage cloud, it is necessary to register for the use of the service via

The link register at their home institution will take you to the page where the institution they belong to is selected.

Select the corresponding institution:

Then confirm your entry with the OK button.

Now you will be asked to log in with your university login.

After logging in, you will be taken to the page where you must set your password for access to the storage cloud. A separate password is used for the use of the storage cloud, you should not use the password from the university login. And it is mandatory that you provide an email address. This is required for sending the relevant information about your login. The e-mail address may also be a private one. However, you should use it regularly. We would like to point out that this e-mail address is displayed to other users (function sharing and releasing data).

You can also use the selection field to enter an e-mail address that has already been stored.

Now enter the password you have chosen in the corresponding fields.

Confirm the entries with the Create account button.

You will now receive an email to the address you entered. This contains a confirmation link. This is only valid for a limited period of time.

You will be asked to confirm your e-mail address via the link.
To do this, please re-enter the password you set.


Confirm the entry with the Confirm now button.

You will now be taken to the page where your access ID and the date until when the account is valid with the parameters you have set. Your access to the storage cloud is now active and you can log in.

You can reach the storage cloud via the URL

Please note that the login name now ends with @"facility name".

You can synchronise your data on any end device. To do this, install the corresponding client from the website

(Client server address: