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After a 15-month project period, the OpARA4Saxony sub-project at Leipzig University to further develop the data archive at Leipzig University and throughout Saxony was successfully completed. Future collaboration with the joint project partner ZIH at TU Dresden is planned.

The joint project OpARA4Saxony was carried out as a focus project as part of the SaxFDM state initiative with funding from the SMWK and during the course of the project it advanced the conceptual development of OpARA into a Saxony-wide data archive and data publication tool. In addition to the further conceptual development, the integration of further partners and the development of a training and operating model were relevant project goals.

During the 15-month project period, many of the tasks were already fully realised and the foundations were laid for the final work packages. Successes in the further development of the OpARA code base included, for example:

  • automated DOI assignment when creating a data submission
  • the generation of a citation recommendation
  • metadata publication without access to the actual data and
  • the technical preparation of the archive for the clients' research information systems

The results of the sub-project were made available to all interested parties in the form of a poster presentation at the SaxFDM conference in mid-October.

We would like to thank our project partner ZIH at TU Dresden and the project sponsor SAB for the very good, trusting cooperation, look forward to continuing to realise projects together in the future and wish them every success in completing the OpARA4Saxony project at TUD by mid-2024.

For further information on the project results of OpARA4Saxony and the use of the archive, please do not hesitate to contact us.


About the project funding

This project is funded by the State Ministry of Science and the Arts SMWK via the Research Project Funding Directive (TG 70).