The University Computer Centre provides computer workstations for blind and visually impaired persons in a central compute pool. Special instructions must be observed for use, which we present here.

The special workstations in room S 013 are available to all blind and visually impaired students and staff of the University of Leipzig. Access to the computer pool is only permitted with access authorisation, a valid student or service ID and after instruction and briefing by Martina Koch. Ms Koch can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone on +49 341 97-33331.

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The access authorisation or the student or service ID card must be presented to the support staff upon request.

Important notes on use

Please also note the following instructions for the use of the workstations:

  1. The computer resources in the computer pool for visually impaired persons are only made available to students for the fulfilment of tasks within student education and to staff members only for the fulfilment of official tasks.
  2. Access to the university network and use of the computers is only permitted via the personal Uni-Login. Keep the password associated with the Uni-Login secret.
  3. Working with someone else's university login or passing on the university login will result in the withdrawal of the user authorisation. Misuse of the data processing resources may also lead to the withdrawal of the user authorisation or may also result in legal consequences.
  4. All software provided is subject to copyright regulations. The unauthorised installation of software is prohibited.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in the computer pool for visually impaired persons and eating and drinking is prohibited.
  6. No liability is assumed for the wardrobe and other personal belongings.
  7. Failure to comply with the usage instructions may lead to exclusion from further work with the computer resources of the University Computer Centre and to blocking of the university login.
  8. The hygiene concept must be followed.