You want to work with empirical research data? Are you planning interviews, experiments, questionnaires or other types of data collection? We support you in this phase of the research project with our services.

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How can I best conduct experiments, observations, measurements, simulations, etc. and collect data?

Depending on the type of empirical data, various supporting solutions are available to you. For the collection and collation of literature, we offer a campus licence of the literature management software Citavi. For the collection of empirical survey data, you can use the institutional survey portal of Leipzig University. This is based on Lime Survey.

Citavi is a programme for literature management and knowledge organisation. Many students use Citavi when writing term papers and theses, researchers often use the programme when working on scientific publications.

Service “Software: Citavi”

The browser-based tool enables individual online surveys for e.g. evaluation, opinion research, target group analyses and much more. Users can create and evaluate questionnaires on their own. The survey results can be analysed using SPSS or Excel, among other tools.

Service “Online-Evaluation und Umfragen mit LimeSurvey”

Who can help me with content-related and technical questions about the collection of research data?

Do you have questions about the conception of your research data management? Would you like more helpful tips for your surveys? We will be happy to assist you with our individual consulting services. Simply contact us via email or contact form.

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