The University Computer Centre sees itself as a central IT service provider, infrastructure provider and pioneer of digitalisation on behalf of Leipzig University. With our IT services, we support more than 30,000 students, 450 professors, 5,500 employees, 14 faculties and numerous other institutions and research projects on the basis of a high-performance IT infrastructure.

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Our task

As a central IT service provider, infrastructure provider and pioneer of digitalisation, our goal is to make technologies for research, teaching, learning and working as usable as possible and to offer custom-fit IT solutions for individual needs.

The developments in science and technology go hand in hand with increasing requirements for the working environments in these areas and thus for IT services and the quality criteria of time, reliability, scalability and security. In order to optimally support current and future needs, we are continuously working on optimisation and renewal processes for our services.

Unsere Leistungen für Sie

The University Computer Centre offers target-group-oriented services for students, lecturers, researchers and staff in order to provide high-quality IT services that meet their needs. We implement the secure and uninterrupted operation of IT solutions for you and for institutions, guests and academic cooperation partners.

The University Computer Centre and every single employee contributes with their competences to understanding the individual needs of the participants of the University of Leipzig and to implementing them in IT services according to the digitisation strategies, thus supporting the respective users in the best possible way.

In the service area, we offer researchers at Leipzig University IT services for scientific computing, research data management and for supporting their research processes. Consultancy and training complement the technical services.

The service focus includes all IT services that support teachers and students in the various teaching-learning scenarios, as well as training, advice and guidance to enable the actors in their technology competence.

The IT-supported work of the Central Administration and all staff units is ensured in the service focus

Workplace and Service as a key service area provides IT services for employees and institutions to efficiently process their daily work tasks.

Scientific Computing

In the area of scientific computing, we offer innovative services in the field of data-intensive and computationally intensive scientific computing on a very powerful high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.

Our training and consulting services not only make methods, tools and new technologies accessible to research groups, but also enable them to use them.

Research Data Management

In the area of research data management, we offer IT services to support the confident, secure and sustainable handling of research data (e.g. storage, long-term archiving).

Research processes

In the area of research processes, we support research management as well as communication and cooperation in research networks. This includes IT services to support online presence, research reporting, project management, collaborative document processing, video conferencing services, chat systems and much more.

In our focus on teaching, we offer you services related to the Moodle teaching-learning platform as well as other important IT tools for various teaching-learning scenarios. Furthermore, we support the application of didactic methods for your individual teaching scenarios, develop individual training courses and are happy to advise you personally.

In the focus area of administration, we concentrate our services on the IT conception of systems, the secure and reliable operation of applications as well as technical support in order to thus ensure the ability to work of the central administration of Leipzig University.

Service desk

The service desk is the first point of contact for IT problems. IT problems can be reported by telephone hotline, via a university-wide ticket system or on site at the Agusteum. The staff at the service desk will take your concerns and can help directly in many cases. If necessary, enquiries are forwarded to the teams at the University Computer Centre.

IT support

The University Computer Centre supports the institutions of the University of Leipzig at several locations with on-site IT know-how. The colleagues are direct contacts and help with IT matters, provide IT support for projects and act as a communication channel between the institutions and the University Computer Centre.

Workplace service

Support in a modern IT infrastructure is mainly provided by automated systems. The workstation service installs newly acquired PCs and notebooks, ensures that operating systems and installed software are up to date and provides security measures for Windows and Mac workstations.

Computer pools

The University Computer Centre provides computer pools in the city centre campus for courses, lectures and for independent use. Printouts up to DIN A3 format can also be made there using your Unicard credit.

User Service

The User Service sends circulars to staff and students on behalf of the University management, handles enquiries about IT security and IT services such as IT addresses, DNS, WLAN, etc., and provides information on the University's IT infrastructure.


As the university IT service provider, we strive to provide high-quality and flexible IT services for research, teaching and administration. In doing so, ecological, economic and social sustainability is important to us. We pay special attention to ensuring cyber security and resilience. With the AI Computing Centre Leipzig, we are establishing an excellent IT hub in the Central German science and business region.

  • High-quality means stable, secure, standardised, integrated, effective and automated.
  • Flexible means agile, scalable, configurable, adaptable.
  • Target group-oriented alignment of IT services

The URZ will increasingly implement aspects of ecological, economic and social sustainability in procurement, operations and staff development.

  • For us, IT security and resilience mean fail-safe and stable operations as well as resilience and adaptability in the event of cyber attacks.
  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity
  • Main pillar of the university's excellence strategy
  • Platform for networking and transfer between science and business in the region
  • Hub for broad knowledge and skills transfer

IT infrastructure

We operate and maintain the IT infrastructure that forms the basis for all IT services for Leipzig University and thus for its 14 faculties, more than 30,000 students, 5,500 employees and 450 professors as well as central facilities, administration, staff units and networks.

Our self-image of providing high-quality services for our users is founded on the secure provision of the technical infrastructure for Leipzig University and its cooperation partners.

  • 2,800 WLAN access points at four universities
  • 2-fold internet connection (geo-redundant, highest performance)
  • 1,000 servers
  • 7 petabytes of storage
  • 15 virtual firewalls
  • 3 physical firewalls
  • 23,000 network connections
  • 800 switches (network distributors)
  • 120 fibre optic cables in the city area
  • 40,000 mailboxes
  • 200,000,000 mails (80% of all e-mails filtered out as spam)
  • 2.712 CPU Cores
  • 964.608 CUDA Cores
  • 120.576 Tensor Cores
  • 42.752 RAM
  • 600 TB Shared Storage
  • 864 TB Local Scratch Space

Both the internal and external requirements of the University of Leipzig as well as the legal requirements for data protection (DS-GVO), IT security and administrative regulations regarding networking and cooperation require that, on the one hand, we realise and constantly expand more than 300 IT services for the University of Leipzig and, on the other hand, ensure compliance with the respective regulations as well as the responsible use of the available resources.

To ensure that the increasing demand for IT services is developed in accordance with these requirements and implemented in line with Leipzig University’s strategic goals, our management team steers service development and delivery at the University Computer Centre in close coordination with the University’s Chief Information Officer.

Unser Leitungsteam

 Dieter Lehmann

Dieter Lehmann

Director General of University Computer Centre

Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

Dr. Michael Philipp

Dr. Michael Philipp

Stellv. Direktor und Leiter Abt. Infrastruktur (IT-Infrastruktur)

Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

Dr. Stefan Kühne

Dr. Stefan Kühne

Leiter Abt. Forschung und Entwicklung (

Dittrichring 18-20
04109 Leipzig

Dr. Robert Reilein

Dr. Robert Reilein

Leiter Abt. Anwendungen (,

Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

 Steffen Thomas

Steffen Thomas

Leiter Abt. Benutzerservice (Arbeitsplatz und Service)

Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

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