With different storage solutions, we support you in securely storing personal data, exchanging large data or storing data for workgroups.

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Storage for personal documents

Do you want to store personal documents from your professional activities and access the data regularly from the office or home office?

As a member of Leipzig University, you can use the Personal Storage (Home Drive) service.

In the home drive, documents of all kinds can be stored and edited from the workstation computer from the university network or via VPN.

The service offers users:

  • Storage of their own data
  • Storage space of 30 GB
  • Access via various end devices
  • Automated integration of the storage on workstations (installed by the URZ, part of the domain)
  • Automatic file backup with restore via version history
  • Ensuring compliance with IT security and data protection standards

Your memory for working in a team

Do you work together in a permanent team, working group or department and use shared documents to which all members should have access?

The service “Storage space for working groups” offers an institution, research or working group of the Leipzig University the possibility to jointly store and edit documents.

The service offers users:

  • Central installation of network storage
  • Automated connection of workstation computers of the workgroup
  • Possibility to store and edit shared documents of the workgroup in large amounts
  • Size of the storage volume as agreed, at least 1 TB
  • Access via the university network or via VPN also from the home office
  • Automatic institutional backup of files
  • Central maintenance of the technical infrastructure

Own cloud storage at the computer centre (Speicherwolke)

You want to share your own documents with third parties outside your work group or outside Leipzig University?

As a member of Leipzig University, you can use the service Own cloud storage (storage cloud). The storage cloud is your personal storage space (on the servers of the University Computing Centre), which you can share with others as cloud storage for sharing folders or individual documents.

The service offers users:

  • the possibility to temporarily store data
  • regular storage size of 5 GB
  • Synchronisation on several end devices via app or website
  • the possibility of uncomplicated sharing of documents within and outside the University of Leipzig
  • Rights management at user level (write/read/upload)
  • password security and time limits on releases
  • Compliance with IT security and data protection standards
  • Version history

Your long-term data archive for researchers

You are completing a publication or a research project and want to save and archive your generated research data in the long term?

As a member of Leipzig University, the service “Research Data Archiving” is available to you.

As part of good scientific practice at the University of Leipzig, it is essential for research projects to ensure secure and sustainable archiving of the research data produced. The service “Research Data Archiving” at the University Computer Centre directly supports research projects in their efforts to conduct good research by providing the option of permanently archiving research data in the connected long-term repository OpARA. Here, research data can be published, archived and reused.

The service offers users:

  • the possibility of archiving research project data securely and long-term via a central platform.

Possibilities for simple, structured long-term archiving of research data

  • Connection to the TUD’s OpARA repository
  • Archiving in compliance with funding guidelines for at least 10 years
  • Data security
  • Allocation of different access rights for various user groups (submitters, reviewers, readers, etc.)
  • Authentication of users via identity management system, authorisation for own area
  • Local expert advisory service for archiving

Possibilities for publication of research data

  • Allocation of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for persistent referencing
  • DataCite-compatible metadata schema
  • Automatic licensing with Creative Commons licenses

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