The terms of use regulate the purpose and scope of the service, the responsibilities and duties of the website operators, and the rights of the URZ as provider of the service.

Terms of Use for the Operation of a Web Presence (Web Hosting) at the University Computing Center
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The most important points are summarized here once again:


  • Use exclusively for the fulfillment of the university's statutory tasks
  • No use for private or commercial purposes
  • No use for file sharing, chat or streaming services or for filing or archiving data
  • No processing of personal health and patient data

Obligations of the web space operators

  • Compliance with legal requirements, especially with regard to copyright, data protection and imprint obligations
  • Secure operation of the web application according to the current state of the art
  • Immediate notification of the URZ if security incidents within the web application become known
  • Independent and regular maintenance and updating of the software used for the web presence, especially with regard to security updates and the closing of vulnerabilities
  • Informing the URZ in case of a change of the contact persons responsible for the web presence
  • The standard period of use of the service is 2 years and must be regularly extended by you. You will receive a reminder e-mail from us in good time before expiry.

Rights of the URZ

  • Regular examination of the data stored in the web space environment for viruses, malicious code and vulnerabilities
  • Deactivation of web presences infected with malicious code
  • Deactivation of websites without a valid contact person or with an expired period of use.