You have collected empirical research data and want to use it for your scientific work? You need professional and/or technical support in processing the research data. We offer you suitable services for the scientific processing of your research data in the project.

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How can I check, validate and clean data?

You want to process, check and clean data with technical support? One classic possibility is to use the spreadsheet programme Excel. This offers a variety of technical options for data verification, validation and automated cleansing. Requirements that go beyond standard use cases can be implemented in Excel using VBA programming.

The spreadsheet programme Excel is part of the Microsoft 365 software package, which is made available free of charge to all employees of Leipzig University higher education sector by the URZ for operational use via the state licensing agreement for Microsoft products.

Service “Software: Microsoft 365 for employees”

To support the use of the spreadsheet programme, the URZ offers tailored training courses. These courses teach the basics of handling data in general and evaluating data in particular. A block course and a semester-long course are offered regularly.

Service “Training: Excel (Block course)”

Service “Training: Excel (During th esemester)”

In addition, the training management also offers suitable courses under the keyword “MS Excel”.

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How can I analyse and interpret collected data?

After collecting and cleaning your empirical research data, you want to proceed with the evaluation and are looking for the right solution for analysis and interpretation. We present a selection of the possibilities below. These include the statistical evaluation of data with SPSS, the processing of large data volumes in High Performance Computing, Data Science with RStudio or Jupyter and also other scientific software, such as Matlab or other offerings.

The IBM® SPSS® software platform offers advanced statistical analysis, an extensive library of machine learning algorithms, open source extensibility, integration with Big Data and seamless implementation in applications. In addition to the possibility of purchasing licences of the software at low cost via our software shop, we offer you the various training opportunities as well as the use of existing PC pools with pre-installed SPSS software.

Service “Softwareshop”

The High Performance Computing (HPC) service offers researchers at the University of Leipzig and their cooperation partners competent and problem-related advice for the implementation of complex scientific calculations that exceed local computing capacities. Within the framework of the service, users are supported in carrying out complex scientific calculations (e.g. scientific simulations of protein folding, machine learning methods).

Service “High Performance Computing (HPC)”

RStudio provides a comprehensive integrated development environment for the R programming language for statistical computing. The service allows access to our hardware resources and use of the extensive library of software.

Service “Data Science with RStudio”

The “Jupyter” service offers researchers, teachers and learners at Leipzig University and its cooperation partners an interactive web interface for using high-performance computing resources for data science and machine learning.

Service “Web-based Data Science and Machine Learning with Jupyter”

The Matlab & Simulink service offers the possibility of analysing data and signals, simulating complex systems and model-based development. The software is made available to you free of charge via a network licence.

Service “Software: MATLAB & Simulink”

How can I output research results of my project?

Besides the technical results of the data processing and statistics programmes, would you like to use other visualisation options? One possibility is creative representation with the alternative character of mind maps.

With the MindManager software, you have the opportunity to quickly and clearly create mind maps, share them and edit them in a team. Leipzig University provides you with a free campus licence for this purpose.

Service “Software: Visualisation with MindManager”

Who can help me with content-related and technical questions about processing research data?

Do you have questions about the conception of your research data management? Would you like more helpful tips for processing your research data? We will be happy to assist you with our individual consulting services. Simply contact us via email or contact form.

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