Digital teaching and learning, i.e. teaching and learning takes place exclusively online without any attendance components. The e-learning team will be happy to support you in the preparation and implementation of your event. We show you how to conduct your teaching completely digitally and how to use digital tools didactically.

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Which video conferencing systems are suitable for which scenarios?

Scenario Demands Service
Office hours

two participants, confidentiality,telephone dial-in if necessary


BBB for web conferences

Confidential conference
(University committees, working groups etc.)

Few participants
Data protection


BBB for web conferences


Meeting in small and medium groups up to 25 participants
up to 25 WebCams

BBB for web conferences



up to 25 participants
up to 25 WebCams
Recording function
Breakout rooms
Whiteboard function
Note/Chat function


BBB for teaching sessions (Moodle integration)


up to 100 participants
one WebCam
Recording function
Whiteboard function
Note/Chat function


BBB for teaching sessions (Moodle integration)


Support in the implementation of courses



for meetings with up to 300 participants and
49 cameras simultaneously
(You can find information on capacity extensions here)



Online seminar

Up to 25 participants, up to 25 WebCams, recording function, breakout rooms

To the recommendation

Online lecture

Up to 100 participants, few webcams, recording function

To the recommendation

Large course

For meetings with up to 300 participants and 49 cameras simultaneously

To the recommendation

Office hours

few participants, confidentiality, telephone dial-in possible

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How can I organise everything around my apprenticeship?

The Moodle teaching-learning platform is a useful service for organising your teaching. You can think of the teaching-learning platform Moodle as a virtual seminar room. You can also store your course documents there. You can also add digital components to your teaching (e.g. forum, online assignment, self-test, surveys). Moodle can be used to organise materials and information clearly and to actively support students in their learning processes.

If you want to store and share your slides for a longer period of time, store them in your Moodle course. If you only want to make slides available for a short time, you can use the storage cloud.

In addition, the study portal "AlmaWeb" and the enrolment system "TOOL" are available to you for organising your teaching.

The service offers users:

  • virtual course rooms to support and manage your courses, to store working materials and to document learning activities
  • arrangement of working materials and learning activities with different didactic scenarios
  • functionalities for cooperative and interactive teaching-learning methods, for collaborative work as well as for self-directed learning
  • Admission of participants via login or password
  • Access to the platform with the extended university login

The service offers users:

  • the possibility to temporarily store data
  • regular storage size of 5 GB
  • Synchronisation on several end devices via app or website
  • the possibility of uncomplicated sharing of documents within and outside the University of Leipzig
  • Rights management at user level (write/read/upload)
  • password security and time limits on releases
  • Compliance with IT security and data protection standards
  • Version history

Everything you need to know at a glance in the AlmaWeb study portal.

To the AlmaWeb Study portal

Use the System Tool to enrol online in your study modules at Leipzig University.

To the enrolment TOOL

How can I communicate with my students?

There are various ways to communicate with your students, from an email, to a chat, to video conferencing. You can send messages to all enrolled students in your course via Moodle. In addition, there is the functionality Forum to write announcements for the participants or to discuss topics.

You can also use the Almaweb email distribution list of the university campus management system to send a message to the registered students of your course.

With chat and video in Rocket.Chat, you can communicate directly with individual students or groups.

A forum facilitates exchange between participants and/or trainers and can thus be an important tool for communication in your course and about its contents.

  • Forum as a discussion platform: You as a trainer have the role of moderator.
  • Announcement forum: You as the trainer can post announcements, the participants are only recipients and cannot reply.
  • Trainers' forum: If you run the course together with other trainers, you can use the forum to exchange information without participants being able to read it (by hiding it from participants).

To the instructions
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As a lecturer at the University of Leipzig, you use the campus management system "AlmaWeb". For the initialisation of your events in "AlmaWeb", the study office of your faculty is your first point of contact.

Via Almaweb you can send an e-mail to the student mail address of all participants of your event or generate an extended list of participants with the student mail addresses.

You will find access to Almaweb (Uni-Login) as well as instructions on how to use the participant lists on the Almaweb homepage.

To Almaweb

Another option for communicating with your students is the university-wide service Individual or Group Chats with Rocket.Chat. With Rocket.Chat you can choose to create individual or group chats and communicate directly with your students or with the group. You can send text messages and media files.

You also have the option of starting a video conference with the participants from the individual or group chat.

The service offers users:

  • a substitute for on-site communication such as: offering consultations and office hours, working in small groups (students), interest-based and low-threshold communication, the public collection of questions and answers ("FAQs").

  • direct communication or contact in groups (also in several small groups).

  • chat and exchange with all registered members of the University of Leipzig possible

  • own, separate channels (e.g. for institutes, working groups, departments, etc.)

  • Exchange of messages, photos, audio files and links (a clear summary of these media is possible in special groups)

  • simple browser application, desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux), without being installed on your own device

  • mobile app (Android, iOS)

  • the retention of chat messages of one year

How can I supplement my teaching with multimedia teaching-learning content (slides, videos, online content)?

For the creation of classic slides, as a university member you can use the Microsoft Office 365 package for employees. With PowerPoint, you can create your teaching content as slides and record it as a video.

If you would like to make teaching content accessible on a website or give this task to students, then use the service Create teaching-learning content as web pages with Mahara.

The service offers users:

  • the use of local Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise on up to 5 devices simultaneously (plus 5 smartphones and 5 tablets).
  • the option of installing Microsoft Professional Plus on the primary university device.

Request Microsoft 365 for employees*

Login for Office online

The service offers users:

  • provision of the platform
  • maintenance and update support of the platform
  • media didactic advice on the use of Mahara
  • Mahara can be accessed via the Moodle homepage after logging in.

Login via Moodle*

In which virtual space will I teach?

Depending on the underlying scenario - from confidential consultation hours and seminars to conferences and public lectures - the requirements for the video conferencing system needed differ both in technical and didactic requirements. Depending on the intended use, whiteboards, breakout rooms, the possibility of telephone dial-in, recording function or integration into the central learning platform Moodle are useful additional functions. When choosing a suitable video conferencing system, factors such as security, data protection, stability and scalability of the system must always be taken into account.

Zoom is a software that allows video conferences - so-called meetings - to be held with up to 300 participants. In addition to private and public chat functions and the transmission of video and audio sources, Zoom offers the possibility of screen sharing, polls and virtual group rooms. This allows you to implement digital courses and other online meetings (committees, working groups, etc.). All employees and students of Leipzig University can log in with their official e-mail address, set up a video conference or take part in one as part of fulfilling the University's statutory duties.

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The BigBlueButton (BBB) video conferencing system offers the possibility to hold ad-hoc audio and video conferences quickly and easily. The system has an integrated open and private chat, a shared whiteboard, an online survey tool and the possibility to share presentations, videos or your own screen.

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The web conferencing system of the University of Leipzig offers the possibility to hold audio and video conferences and has basic features like an integrated public and private chat, a shared whiteboard and the possibility to share presentations, videos or your own screen. Also use the integrated polling tool to activate your participants or the shared notes for collaborative work.

To the service description

What options do I have to conduct surveys in or about my event?

You can carry out complex surveys with LimeSurvey. LimeSurvey is an online survey application that allows you to develop and publish online surveys and store their results in a database without any programming knowledge.

This service offers users

  • create individual online surveys or questionnaires
  • 30+ question types
  • 80+ languages
  • DSGVO compliance
  • Data export to Excel, CSV, R, Stata, SPSS, Word, & PDF.
  • Instructions for use
  • Technical support
  • Access with Uni-Login (after activation)

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